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Terms and conditions


By signing the lease contract, the lessee undertakes in irrevocably:
-to comply with all laws in force on Romanian relating to road circulation
-not to remove his car outside the country
-not borrow other people's car that are not written in the contract
-not to use the vehicle to carry out commercial activities or otherwise; not subinchirieze to third parties
-It does not allow overloading the vehicle (No. of places and weight) over the maximum limits stipulated in the registration slip
-not to use the vehicle to participate in races, competitions, other car tests
-not to repair the motor vehicle than in a service approved by owner
-not to leave the vehicle unlocked, with the keys in the contacts and/or with glazing or trunk open
-not to use the vehicle in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer and only with the destination stipulated in this contract
-not running vehicle than on the road, being prohibited its use on forest roads, in mountain expeditions or on rough roads
-not run car on flooded roads
-not to push or to tow any vehicle, trailer or other object
-not running under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substances that affect the State of concentration.


Parts: The rented car is owned by Nova Rent a Car, the owner authorizing the use of the car by the tenant entered into the contract only for the period indicated in writing with due observance of the conditions it lays down. The owner reserves the right to refuse to rent a car or lease extension.
Age: the person who wants to rent a car and drive must be at least 21 years of age and be a minimum of 1 year owner of a driving licence category b. the vehicle may be driven only by the person specified in the contract. A second driver is possible only through the signature of a representative of the car rental company.

Limit KM: For 1 day - 300 km/day limit; for 2-3 days there's a limit of 400 km per day. For this period, a term of up to 200 km/day over the limit imposed, is also charged in a half-day; at an overtaking of up to 400 km per day over the limit, will be charged a full day rental. Over 3 days unlimited km. For long term rentals, however, not be allowed to carry out a number of more than 5,000 km/month.

Payment: amount of the services of rent paid in advance for the entire period required for both rent and warranty. Can be made in cash or by bank transfer in Euro or Gbp, the BNR of payment day. If you wish to advance teaching, clietul should know that company cannot return the money collected on the rental period which declared originally.
Rental rate: includes regular control, vehicle maintenance, oil change, auto liability insurance, CASCO, Rovigneta, VAT, vehicle replacement if defective, malfunctions due to improper usage is not the vehicle for rent, but for reasons that are strictly of the car.

Picking up/Reception: the vehicle is handed over in good condition, without addictions hidden nature to prevent them from moving, clean interior and exterior and with full tank. Thus, the customer is obliged to bring in the same conditions; otherwise, the owner will be charged from any warranty or wrong with the car or the inventory objects, in accordance with this agreement.

Return: The renter is obligated to return the car to the date and time specified in the contract and under the same conditions in which it took originally. The minimum rental period is 24 hours; the first 3 hours of delay announced are free; for a delay of more than three hours, will be charged another half-day rental. For delays of more than neanuntate 6 hours, the owner will consider the case without fault and will advertise the car theft to the police. The use of the vehicle over the term of the lease without a written approval to do so constitutes an offence of illegal vehicle and learning shall be punished in accordance with criminal code rezervandu-Roman, the owner of the right to act according to the legislation. If the customer delays unduly the car return, the owner is entitled to raise from its possession at the expense and risk of the customer.

Extension: extension of rental period is required after the owner at least 24 hours in advance, in order not to make another booking on the car. Any extension of the rental period shall be paid at the time of the request for extension.

Warning: we do not accept the extension of the renting period from the car warranty money, the warranty
is designed to indemnify the owner in case of loss.

Additional charges: Any fine, until the rubber, road tax or parking, etc. as well as the equivalent amount of possible repairs incurred during the period of the lease, because the lessee, shall be borne by the latter. Also, if after an accident occurred through the fault of the renter's car can no longer be transported on wheels, by signing this contract the customer is obliged to pay the costs of transporting its platform up to the seat where he rented it.

To be taken in consideration:
Any complaint regarding the condition of the car must be done immediately upon picking it up.
-Fee for cars without fuel tank brought is 1.5 euro per liter.
-Fee for cars brought unwashed is 50 RON.
-Fee for cars brought without cover is 100 RON


For the rented vehicle, the renter shall submit a warranty depending on the class of the car, between EUR 150-250.
The customer will receive a refund guarantee on contract expiration provided that they hand over the car in the same condition in which he got it.
The guarantee may retain the renter-partially or even entirely, depending on the severity of the following situations:
-in case of damage caused by negligence or vehicle renter (the damage caused by a traffic accident or improper car stays which lead to finding her in the parking lot, damaged by improper handling of the car in different situations or bringing her with bruises/scratches made by authors unknown). In these cases it is charged at least 100 euros, franchise fee Casco;
-If the machine returns to the damage and the tenant does not present any documentary evidence (the minutes prepared by the police, service authorization, amiable accident, constatatea copies of the acts of the other drivers involved in the accident);
-If after a malfunction of any kind or technical accident, tenant abandons and not to supervise the car;
-in case of any breach of any provision mentioned in section I, under the terms of general usage and any laws stipulated by the Romanian State;
-in the case of exploitation with bad intent rented vehicle resulting in damage to the vehicle's Interior (upholstery, patarea murdarirea or burning of the dome, losing the car key or inventory items, damage to wheels and tyres-items not covered by Insurance);
-in case of damage caused by inappropriate operation of the car: breaking oil sump, the engine shield damage, destruction of the clutch as a result of excessive patinarii (snow, mud or wet grass), driving on flooded roads;
-in case the client ignores some bulbs lighting up damages in the Board and continue using the car causing him technical malfunctions.


In case of accident, damage or theft, the renter has, first of all, the obligation to immediately sound the rental company to announce the incident and to be guided in resolving the situation. Then you must obtain the following documents:
-Fill FINDING AMICABLE ACCIDENT form up to the smallest detail-if the parties mutually recognize their guilt.

In case of accident with aggravating conditions requiring Police intervention must be obtained through the following:
-POLICE REPORT/REPORT which shall contain the signature police body which prepares the report, Police Department stamp and mention that the vehicle was/not was driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks
-Authorization of REPAIRS that shall contain the signature and a seal of the police, as well as all elements of the car damaged, at worst up to most small scratches
-COPIES of the BULLETIN and the DRIVING LICENCE of the other drivers involved in the accident
-COPIES of the CERTIFICATE of REGISTRATION and INSURANCE of the other cars involved in the accident.
By signing this contract, the customer irrevocably undertakes that upon opening the file damage to cooperate with company representatives to initiate appeals rental company driver.



From the moment of delivery of the car, up to re-entry in the possession thereof, the owner is relieved of liability for damage to third parties caused by the customer's rental vehicle.
For non-reciprocal obligations stipulated in the lease contract, the Parties respond according to laws in force.
The lease contract is subject to the laws of Romania.
Any dispute related to or in connection with this contract shall be solved amiably first, and in the case of nesolutionare, the parties will address the competent courts.